Riichi Mahjong Spring Tournament 2023


  • DATE: 18th-19th March 2023 (Sat-Sun)

  • Venue: Richmond Bridge Club, Cambridge Park Twickenham TW1 2PG

  • Ruleset: EMA Riichi 2016

  • Hanchans: 7 (4-Sat / 3-Sun)

  • Entry fee: £50.00 (includes lunch on both days plus refreshments and snacks)

  • Participant limit: 60

  • EMA Observer: Mateusz Mackowski

Referee 1: Shaun Drury

Referee 2: Philip Bielby


To register or for any queries, please send an email to Devi Steck at mahjongtwickenham@gmail.com with your name and country + EMA ID (if you have one). Vegetarian and non-veg choice will be offered please state your preference.

Registration closes on the 03rd of March 2023

18th March (Saturday)

08:30-09:15 Registration

09:30-11:00 First Hanchan

11:15-12:45 Second Hanchan


14:00-15:30 Third Hanchan

15:45-17:15 Fourth Hanchan

19th March (Sunday)

08:30-09:15 Registration

09:30-11:00 Fifth Hanchan

11:15-12:45 Sixth Hanchan


14:00-15:30 Seventh Hanchan

15:45-16:15 Closing ceremony

PRIZES: Individual prizes for the 3 top players.


By car: free parking on street near venue


-Richmond upon Thames station (RMD) for overground and underground (Direct trains from Waterloo and Clapham Junction) then (only 4 stops) with bus 490/33/R68/R70 exit at Cambridge Park bus stop, 1 minute walk to venue.

-St Margarets station then bus H37 or 110, exit at Poplar Court bus stop, 2-minute walk to venue.

Heathrow Airport:

Faster to take train to Hatton Cross then Bus 490.

Bus 490 direct from Heathrow Terminals 4 and 5, exit at bus stop St Stephen’s Church 5 mins walk to venue

From Terminal 2 take Bus 285 and 190 or train to Hatton Cross, then Bus 490, exit at bus stop St Stephen’s Church 3 mins walk to venue

Gatwick Airport:

From airport direct train to Clapham Junction station change and take direct train to Richmond Station. Then only 4 bus stops with bus 490/33/R68/R70 exit at Cambridge Park bus stop, 1 minute walk to venue.


Hotels: Richmond Park Hotel

Richmond Hill Hotel

Richmond modern apartment

Shandon House Hotel

Dukes Head Inn

Travelodge in Twickenham or Richmond or Teddington all located near stations

Additional information will be added as it becomes available.


Name EMA Country Status

Daniele Cesarini 07000145 Italy paid

Kim Wright UK paid

Shaun Drury 11990059 UK paid

Cecile Blanc 04320014 France paid

Tom Pearson 119900141 UK paid

George Twigg 119900134 UK paid

Ming Chan Hong Kong paid

Dominic Saxton UK paid

Elvinas Ancuta UK paid

Mark Jenkin-Rees 11990115 UK

Peter Langford 11990004 UK paid

Lukasz Gosk 19000136 Poland

Natalia Mecner 11990138 UK paid

Ian Fraser 11990005 UK paid

Adrian Fornalik 19000120 Poland paid

Mateusz Mackowski 19000129 Poland paid

Joaquin Derrac Rus 10990076 Spain paid

Duy Le 11990123 UK paid

Joel Ratsimandresy 04040057 France paid

Ken Nico Schultheiss 05100182 Germany paid

Timur Hahn 05100153 Germany paid

Andy Yu Taiwan paid

George Peter Banyard UK paid

Linxuan He 10990072 Spain

Arisa Turner Japan paid

Jinn Torng Law Hong Kong paid

Elias Boutaleb 04160115 France paid

Ivar Bouwman 08010737 Netherland paid

Urszula Szudlich 19000144 Poland

Anton Chekanov UK paid

Pawel Krzysztof Polanski 19000041 Poland paid

Devi Steck 16000029 Switzerland paid

Junchen Liu UK paid

Jay Li 11990105 UK paid

Ongnardo Andreas UK paid

Mike Short 11990085 UK paid

Ashley Baldry 11990069 UK paid

Elliot Hollier 11990113 UK paid

Joseph James UK paid

Arnaud Wolf 04160112 France paid

Jem Short 11990084 UK paid

Rebecca Yu Hong Kong paid

Jacinthe Savoy Switzerland paid

Benjamin Savoy 11990131 UK paid

Jakub Titow 19000145 Poland

Chris Endicott 11990060 UK paid

Martin Lester 11990044 UK paid

Jacek Spychala 19000141 Poland paid

Wojciech Sabala Poland paid

Nick Dyer 11990011 UK

Paola Bungaro 11990010 UK

Mateusz Wozniak 19000003 Poland

Martyna Jedryczka 19000102 Poland

Konrad Gorka 19000149 Poland

Szymon Nowicz 19000140 Poland

Philip Bielby 11990057 UK paid

Sai Ming Fung 04090110 France paid

Simon Picard Ireland paid

James Mapley UK paid

Niklas Johansson 09990110 Sweden paid



Perran Archbold UK

Lauryn Lewis UK

Jason He 11990093 UK

Alex Pun Hong Kong

Fabien Sacha 19000155 Poland

Yandong Xiao

Anastasiia Veremenko 21000067 Ukraine

Sonia Yagi 11990081 UK